Chemical plant

Salvatore CONTE, PhD in Chemical Sciences from Brussels University, multilingual English, French, Italian and Ducth, has created Mktg & Sales Int. in 1992. Starting with services like marketing studies for the oxo-alcohol industry, phthalic anhydride, plasticisers etc ... Mktg & Sales Int. has also been active in supplying the chemical industry with commodities chemicals. We have distributed Adipic Acid, a raw product for the Polyamide 66 production, as well as supplying HMD (hexamethylenediamine) and Polyamide 66 virgin chips for the engineering plastic industry and textile industries.

Other products have been added to the activity such as Phthalic Anhydride, Maleic Anhydride, which is used for plasticisers as well as in the painting and resins industries. Benzene, Styrene, Nitric Acid are also being provided by Mktg & Sales Int.

Man applying Flexycoat

More recently, the company has expanded its activities with the integration in polyester resins distribution and is now the sole representative of FLEXYCOAT a highly technological coating system based on polyurea. This system is recommended in harsh environments which require chemical resistance, corrosion protection or highly waterproof systems with or without abrasion. Mktg & Sales Int. also specialises in designing high quality supply solutions, either at the supplier request either at the customer's request.